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My Phone Helped Me Survive Motherhood

Ah, the joy of motherhood! One of the most rewarding experiences to enter my life. Although having the honour of this prestigious title, there are many struggles we mothers have to face. So what’s one thing that’s kept me going? Yes, you’ve read the headline correctly. I wouldn’t have survived motherhood without … my phone. I can just see the eyes rolling of the silent generation, the baby boomers, and generation X. I said it, I admit it, and I’m not going back on my stance. Millennial moms, yes, I am one of them. Insert second eye roll here for sounding a little ridiculous with my self labeling.

I’m not speaking on behalf of all millennial moms. I’m talking about the moms who are struggling to hold down a social life, or are still trying to work out the kinks. Those moms! We’re constantly being shamed for too much screen time, or guilty of being on our phones longer than we should when life’s little moments are happening right before our eyes. But who’s to say we don’t? Who’s to say, that minuscule timeframe in which you witness me at the park with my children, that moment justifies my whole character as a mother? My phone is my “me” time, my reliable commodity for my time that is so sporadic. My phone has been my saving grace.

Raising four under four, my phone is what keeps me sane. From being able to immediately capture those ‘precious moments’ with my phone camera, to googling “that weird red blemish on baby’s bum.” Whether I am seeking assurance from other moms in online support groups or doubting my parenting methods. My phone has been THAT middle man, my go to, the ultimate wingman. It’s something that will always be there when I need it (as long as I can remember to keep it charged, but that’s another story). Oh my dear trusty gadget! You are how I connect and disconnect from the world and I’m not ashamed to say it.

My mobile device has given me and continues to give me access to everything I need with just a few clicks. Being so busy with four active little monsters, sometimes it’s just easier to order in for the night, buy presents or order my groceries. There have been many brief periods of time, where I’ve just needed a pick me up. Hello, social media! A slide of a finger and I’m connected to moms, memes, mom memes, and sometimes that’s all it takes. A good laugh at some obnoxious meme with some relatable saying is like chicken soup for my soul. It’s that little comedic relief I need in my sometimes-chaotic-life. Let’s not forget the obvious that my phone allows to me to reach my family and friends at any hour of the day. But my smartphone does more than calls or texts, it has given me an escape, despite my new stay at home status.

3 Apps That Helped Me Survive Motherhood

1) Instagram

Where else can you find the latest memes (sometimes the comments make it even funnier), inside scoop on celebrities (guilty pleasure, the Karjenners) or connect with other cool moms ?

2) Ubereats

For the times you open the fridge door and you forget to grocery shop because you’re too busy raising four brilliant minds or you’re honestly too lazy to cook and have to clean up after. Quite simply, when you’re just not about it. This app has a wide selection of restaurant faves to choose from.

3) Instacart

It has it’s pros and cons, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives for me. Rather than wrapping up my kids during this frigid weather and wrestling them one by one into their car seats, this grocery app is a godsend. Sparing myself the headache, hassle, and “birdbox” eye covers through the cereal and snack aisles. “Girl, Boys, we’re staying home!”

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