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Day in A Life With Noah – World Autism Day

Noah wakes up at 1am sometimes and goes back to bed around 4am, with a little bit of help of melatonin (a natural hormone to help fall asleep, but unfortunately not STAY asleep). His anxiety affects the quality of sleep, so when he starts waking up randomly something is up with him.

By the help of our friends & family Noah was able to get some healing through regenerative medicine stem cell treatment.

Noah attends his regular school once a week in a diagnostic kindergarten program. The rest of the week he attends an applied behaviour analysis program. I believe every child should always have as much early intervention as possible.

Some mornings start as early as 4am and that’s actually considered a “good morning” for us. Some nights my husband pulls an all-nighter with very little (or sometimes zero) sleep then goes to work. He’s a trooper, thank god for dads.

My neighbours always wonder why the lights are on or why we are up so early. We often even get texts about noise complaints (especially when Noah has a meltdown). It’s complicated and quite frankly, some days I feel as if we lack structure in the house but damn, I give us credit for raising little humans the best way we can.

Noah is hyperlexic and has taught himself how to read, write & spell in more than 5 different languages. His academics skills are skyrocketing and we think he has a photographic memory.

He has many daily struggles like sitting for long periods of time and communication. Certain sounds affect his mood and there is always a certain way things have to be in the house. receptive language & expressive language has also been a challenge.

What is frightening to me is our walks to school. He’s developed a habit of jumping over every single line on the streets making it extremely dangerous for all of us. He has even tried to run back across the street while we were crossing a major street before. He doesn’t have a sense of danger. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly a screaming monster and have to remind myself to be patient. But every day seems like groundhog day, repeating everything over and over.

My son is going to be 6 this June and I wish I knew how to help him. I often think about the day he will make his first real friend. Will he be able to keep a job? Have a wife? Family?
My anxiety flares up knowing that I’m dropping him off at therapy school not having a clue if anyone hurts him. I’ve been that crazy parent who’s had a bad feeling about a teacher with my child.

My sons autism stops him from answering simple yes or no questions; it drives me crazy to always guess situations. Some nights I have vivid dreams that he has full out conversations with me. It’s pretty freaking awesome. He doesn’t speak much, but I know he will one day.

Noah made me a mom. A stronger one. We love him for who he is. We will walk through fire till we can no longer stand and be his voice till we can no longer speak.

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