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Happy Wednesday from Aminah + Bryce!

To many, Alyssa Garrison needs no introduction, her pastels speak for themselves. BUT, in the event that you haven't had the pleasure of drooling over her 'gram, here's a little tidbit. 

Alyssa Garrison is a feeler of feelings, lover of love - On the hunt for everyday magic, dreamy pastels and fairytale endings. With a degree in journalism, Alyssa launched her own website to give platform to her voice, sharing personal stories and honest musings with her audience from day one. On a mission to become a mom on her own terms, Alyssa found a donor and inseminated with the support of her doctor, family and friends. She expects her first baby February 2017! 


(5:50) When did you stop and actually consider, hey wait, I don’t need a man to do this

(7:57) The voices of everyone around her: “you can’t rush things, you’re young, he’ll come along!”

(10:20) She found herself getting stuck in relationships that weren’t ideal because she wanted to fulfil her lifelong dream - being a mama

(13:00) Then, Alyssa started thinking the problem was SHE was ready and realized she didn’t need to be in a relationship to become a mom. She could do it better on her own (and we agree).

(16:30) She went off birth control and started thinking about it seriously. Some friends thought it was a good idea, others said “don’t give up already” - the narrative we’re taught is that we’re supposed to wait for this man to save the day. Her mom became a huge resource, talked about the fears, criticisms, etc

  • It took way longer than she thought it would take for her body to get rid of the birth control 
  • Was she ovulating properly? How can you tell?

(22:15) She tells us about all the different options to consider when trying to get pregnant, like to turkey baste, or not baste

(26:00) But what would the baby look like?

  • Would it be irresponsible to have a mixed race child with no coparent to teach the child of their origins?

(29:30) Who did she pick?

  • hint, it wasn't from a book.

(36:50) Alyssa’s advice

  • have a community behind you. Your family doesn’t just have to be made up of blood relatives, get creative!
  • find a great doula, get health care providers that are on the same page, take the time to build a solid network of friends

(39:30) No gender reveal party (instant girl crush on her after this)

  • Is she finding out the gender at all?
  • Why does she think gender reveal parties are problematic?

(46:30) What’s Alyssa afraid of?

  • hint, she's pretty fearless.

(45:50) 2 parents does not equal a family - love builds a family. 


"I have too much love to give. I've always wanted to shower love upon things"  

Alyssa Garrison, @RandomActsofPastel



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