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We're super excited to introduce: How Mama Made It - A new series where we chat with mompreneurs on how they build their business, their tips and tricks, and what inspired them. Alison Gordon is the Founder and Inventor of Dwypers - The grab and go solution to getting out the door, on your way, with only what you need: A diaper, a pack of wipes, and a changing pad. Using only the highest quality ingredients designed for sensitive skin, Dwypers was developed for famillies on the go.

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:50 Forgetting the crappy parts of pregnancy so you’ll get tricked into doing it all over again

2:07 Does every pregnancy get easier? No.

  • Alison knew right when she was pregnant, that she was pregnant, even though her doctors told her there was a 0% chance she was. See, mama does know best.

8:25 What was your Dwypers lightbulb moment

  • Alison was living in Santiago, Chile, walking everywhere, carrying her 12 month old daughter and didn’t want to carry her diaper bag around. She wanted something as convenient as her phone in her pocket. Enter Dwypers.

  • During her second pregnancy she thought “well what if I start this company...” She never went back to her former job and went full on Dwyper mode.

11:35 Took a year to prep for Kickstarter campaign

  • Alison did lots of product testing which included selecting the best products to go into the dwypers, so they were eco friendly and sustainable

  • Brand was of utmost importance - it wasn’t going to be a bunch of random branded product in the packs

13:10 What’s your professional/educational background. How did you know what you were doing

  • Alison is a registered professional civil engineer (which didn’t mean all that much when it came to building Dwypers) and has always been a super inquisitive person. She even built her own machine to make the dwyper packs as thin as possible


"We designed Dwypers for parents - so no Sesame Street here" 

Alison Gordon, Founder & Inventor of Dwypers

14:30 What was the hardest thing you had to deal with

  • Everyday in entrepreneur land there’s a new obstacle

  • Working with a co-packer (contract packaging manufacturer), Alison got strung along for almost 7 months. In the end her product was twice as big and was wrapped in a rubber band. Definitely not on brand.

  • She almost threw in the towel but received an outpouring of support from her family + friends

16:23 BIZ TIP Work with local companies when you can

  • Alison has exclusively worked with a local copacker and vendors which has helped build her business.

18:00 Tips on balancing being a full time mom

  1. You have to be able to juggle multiple things at the same time

  2. What works one day might not work a year from now - adapt

  3. Work through nap times

  4. Find a reliable babysitter for meetings and fulfilling orders

19:40 Packaging Inspo = cool for parents

  • Alison wanted to appeal to parents - something not a lot of parent targeted brands are doing. Super sleek design, millennial teal colours, matte black, basically a cool parent’s dream

  • No sesame street packaging here

20:30 Advice: you don’t have to be prepared for absolutely everything

  • Do you need to pack a bib? Use a tissue.

  • Do you need a toy? Find some paper, babies are easily entertained

22:20 How do kids benefit from entrepreneurial parents

  • Alison devoted many nights staying up late to fulfil orders, she built her own website, did all of her own marketing and business development, and her daughters see their mama doing it all

  • Kids tell everyone at school that their mom makes Dwypers - they other kids will know what Dwypers are soon enough

  • Kids see her dedicating herself to something she believes in

24:11 Kickstarter launch

  • Why Kickstarter? Great way to buy some time to manufacture large quantities and run some testing with the anticipated demand


25:00 Kickstarter perks

Perks ranging from $5-$499 to help get the kickstarter off the ground

25:55 5 year Dwypers plan

  • Changing the way people access convenience for baby changing

  • Parents are craving convenience - Dwypers is their answer


28:10 advice for parentpreneurs

  • It’s easy to complain, not as easy to use it as inspiration to build your idea

  • You don’t need to know all the things before you start, you can learn on the way


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