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Happy Friday from Aminah + Bryce!

We wanted to make a short episode but we just couldn't shut up about BIZ and sales. We're just trying to give you more value than you're even prepared for.


:45 Unapparent Fact - link to Bryce’s dad failures article - link to Rhiannon’s podcast

  • When a birthing person sees their progress using a mirror, it can help motivate them to keep pushing through active labour (it’s true, because What to Expect when you’re Expecting told us

  • It was even included in our doula’s (yes, we hired the Birth Boss to officially be our doula!) guide to creating our birth vision board.

4:10 Passive Income + Lifestyle Design + buzzwords

  • Designing the life you want to live

  • Tim Ferriss tips that might make you not quick your 9-5 just yet (this tip is from the lifestyle design bible, 4-Hour Workweek)

9:01 Mina On Deciding To Leave Her 9-5

11:55 Are Millennials Entitled

  • The work promises that aren’t fulfilled

  • Are we being taken advantage of

13:44 What is Success To You

  • Accessing things that you truly want

  • How we measure success differently than our parents

  • Find out what it is that you actually want to work on to build your life

15:41 What Do You Want To Do On a Daily Basis

  • Do you want to spend your days doing content marketing/doing sales/writing

  • Work backwards as an entrepreneur, realize what you actually want to do on a daily basis

  • Fake Taco, realizing how we wanted to spend our day

  • Work backwards as an entrepeneur to see if the tasks needed are what you’re interested in working on

18:41 Advice for New Entrepreneurs

  • Figure out what you actually want to do on a day to day basis

  • You have to like the process (you have to like auditioning to be an actor or Facebook ads to have an e-commerce business)

  • You still have to do the stuff you don’t like, or find someone who can

  • Minimize the time you do the nitty gritty and being more effective with your time, like finding a virtual assistant

22:58 You Need to Know How to Sell, Regardless of The Idea

  • Best thing we’ve learned from our 9-5’s

  • Get comfortable with asking people for the sale and closing the deal, or you'll starve. 

  • Milli Fox founder of Junior foxes is a superstar salesperson for her brand. She uses human connection and passion for her ring slings to build relationships and seal the deal

26:45 How to write the perfect cold email

(1) Connect like a human, use tools like Crystal Knows to build the relationship

(2) Write the way you speak

(3) Find a way to connect through your voice

(4) Key to getting a response? Don’t sell right off the bat

(5) ALWAYS give more value than you take

35:50 Be like Reddit, give more value than you take

  • How are you building your relationships so you give more than you ask for

Workshop on how we made Unapparenthood

I started with my mission and vision, recorded a few podcast episodes, and built out our site. It took me 60 days to get everything launched. Sponsorship, branding, design, editing, marketing, literally everything, I did myself. It also took me 60 days to realize not everything has to be perfect to launch, you just have to do it. Get your tickets now

Check out Bryce’s “Guide on Working with your Lover”

“I really believe that for us, collaborating on entrepreneurial ventures was inevitable. Had we met as friends or other versions of humans that neither of us held attraction to, we still would have found a way to become business partners in some sense. It just so happen that she dug the cut of my jib and let me put a baby all up in that.” Read it now



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