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Happy Monday from Aminah + Bryce!

We chat about a lot in this episode. Like a lot. 


1:40 Unapparently Fact of The Day
You produce more blood when you're pregnant (um ok)
"Your total volume of blood is 50% higher than usual and cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped out with each heartbeat) increases by 40%)" which is totally why Aminah hasn't been able to breathe. We found out that breathlessness during pregnancy could also mean you're anemic! 

3:55 Finding the Right Pregnancy Care
Finding a midwife in our area was no easy task and because of our last miscarriage, we were armed with all of the things that were non-negotiables. We fired two midwives before we found one that we absolutely LOVED. 

8:20 Contact every midwifery clinic
If at first you don't get a midwife, keep on trying because sooner or later you'll get one. We decided on our current midwife when we were around 10 weeks pregnant. All the tests that are usually done when you first learn you're pregnant were all done through a local walk-in clinic (most don't get referred to an obstetrician until they're 12 weeks anyway). Most of the clinics in our area were at capacity, so we were placed on waitlists. We started looking for midwives, knowing how busy they would be, when we found out we were pregnant at 4 weeks 1 day. 

9:50 The most important question
The determining question for whether we would be comfortable with a midwife or not, was whether they would have handled our last miscarriage the same way. We needed every person who cared for us during this pregnancy to always order a follow up ultrasound if there was any hesitation on the findings. If the midwife wasn't prepared to do this, we couldn't trust them.

11:30 Find out what’s important to you
Whether you have an ideal birth plan in mind or something absolutely terrifies you, your ob/midwife/family doc need to be on the same page. Communicate your needs with them and be your own advocate. Having a doula on your side can also help you advocate during your pregnancy and birth. 

19:42 Why we had a name reveal
After the first miscarriage, we still wanted a way to celebrate getting so far with this baby and wanted to celebrate something other than society's gender traditions. So instead of celebrating their genitalia, we celebrated baby's name! 

21:00 Gender binary norms (spoiler: we hate them)
You can read all about why we hate them, here

25:00 “What Gender Reveal Parties Reveal About Us” - Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast

Your homework is to listen to this episode of the Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast. Jk, but seriously, it's really eye opening.

33:00 Drag Queens Read to Kids
Can I sign up to have the Drag Queens read to me? Here's what's happening at the Toronto Public Library and the controversy behind it.


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