3 Great Resources For Expecting Dads


The first thing I did when we found out we were pregnant was fist pump. The second? I started Googling. I've Googled all kinds of things. Things like: 

  1. How does a RESP work? (A Canadian tax-free education savings plan.)
  2. How much money do we need when the baby comes? (Actually not that much. A bed and clothes. Food comes from Mina's boob, which is free.)
  3. Is breast milk vegan(This was mostly to settle a debate. It's still unconfirmed, but I believe it is.) 

Anyway, through my searches, I've been able to stumble upon some really great dad-focused resources that I've now bookmarked or installed on my phone.

Here's a list of my three favorites:

1. Daddy Up (App Store or Google Play

This a great app that follows your little sprouts journey on a weekly basis. It gives you a short blurb of advice for your partner specific to the week you're in (like "Week #9: Don't be offended when she vomits up the special breakfast you made her). There's "To-Do" lists, that you can work through based on the trimester you're in, so nothing gets missed (like making a savings plan or thinking up baby names). And, my favorite part, is each week they tell you how big your little baby is by comparing it to something a dad might recognize (like an acorn. Cute.) 

2. Fatherly (www.fatherly.com)

Finally, a good publication dedicated to dads. Like, actually good content. I've read so many mother focused baby blogs, and while they're great, there's just a lot I can't relate to. This publication covers the range of expecting parents to teens, and everything in between. They have a great mix of compelling written content and video, and kill it on social. I find myself forwarding their IG stories to Mina almost on a daily basis. Here's one of my favorite recent pieces: How To Have Fun With A Boring Baby, which addresses one of my main concerns. I don't care about gender or size or if they look like me or Mina. I just hope that our baby is funny. 

3. Reddit's Predaddit Community (www.reddit.com/r/predaddit)

I'm a Reddit junky. Any new skill I've learned over the past five years or so has been because of Reddit. I've learned acting theory, web design, sales processes and way too much NBA analytics to count. Why not fatherhood? The Predaddit subreddit is an amazing community where expectant dads share their trials and tribulations, as well as advice for any specific situations. I use it to ask questions, to encourage other future papas and to see all of the wonderful baby pictures when new dads announce their graduation from the community. I'm not crying, you are.