My 3 Favourite Pregnancy Apps Right Now - The Bump App Review

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I google everything. I'm a serial google-r.

If I'm at dinner and I don't know what an ingredient is that I come across on a menu, I look it up before the waiter can even return and ask me what I'd like to drink. 

So naturally, with getting pregnant for the first time, everything was bizarre and new. Is it normal that uterus feels like it's being inflated with a bicycle pump through my cervix? Is it okay to have sex or are there pregnancy positions? Why am I crying watching this commercial and how many tears can one pregnant woman produce?

You ask on average 45, 673 questions during pregnancy (yeah, I've been counting) but there are SO many things you don't even think of. Enter the baby apps. 

This is a 4 part series where I talk about all the apps I currently am using during pregnancy. This post is all about:

The Bump App

Available for both iOS and Android users, this app is pretty much my go-to. It's free, keeps you up to date on what's happening with you and baby, is pretty much a one-stop shop for all things baby related. Scroll down to see my favourite things about the app!


1) The Daily Fact

It's a new abstract fact that updates automatically once the clock strikes midnight, usually around the size of your growing baby. I'm 18 weeks and 6 days and my daily fact for today is that my baby is the size of a postcard. Kind of weird thing to relate the babe to, but some of them are cute. Yesterday my baby's toe was the size of a black peppercorn. The other day its foot was the size of a gummy bear. Sounds kind of weird now that I think about it, but at 4am when you can't sleep because of pregnancy insomnia, it's a cute thing to read


2) Planner 

Bump tells you about appointments that need to be schedule around your weeks and a weekly to do list. You can put your ob/midwife appointments in, that upcoming baby show, and date night with your partner. It makes it easier to see all the baby related things in one place as opposed to thrown into your iCal with all your work stuff. 




3)  Real Answers

For things that appear to be serious, like your blood pressure increasing, sudden swelling, cramping, or bleeding, you know to call your ob/midwife. But what about when your partner isn't as excited about choosing what goes on your registry and you want to see if other women are having the same problems, you can turn to Real Answers. It's a forum right in the app, where you can stay anonymous and comments on some threads you might be able to help out, or ask questions of your own. They cover topics from pregnancy symptoms, food safety, working while pregnant, and like, 50 other things. The cool thing is the Bump has experts that pop in and out of the threads to answer questions that are in their specialty (experts range from registered nurses to registered dieticians).

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Bonus for parents in the US

The bump can sync your registries from buybuy BABY, Amazon, Pottery Barn, and more. Because this isn't available for Canadian parents yet, we've done our baby registry on Baby List which is super helpful because you can "pin" things from all sorts of website and have it in one place. 

What's your go-to app to stay informed on whats happening with you and your babe? Let us know in the comments!