This is what Tom Ford says every man should own (and what I think)

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I saw this graphic getting circulated around Instagram by men's fashion accounts. After doing some research, it's a rehashed list from Tom Ford's feature in Vogue in February of 2011

As a man who wants to be a good man, I thought it was an interesting list. I thought it'd be even more interesting to go through each point, one by one, and see how much of this is reasonable.

While some of this is a bit ridiculous, some of it isn't, and there are actually easier ways to acquire some of these things without spending a ton of cash.  

Shall we? 

1. A sense of humor

Yeah, this is important. Men who take themselves too seriously suck. No issue here. 

2. A daily read of the newspaper

Nah. Most of the news is garbage and stuffing information into your brain is a waste of time. It will just make you angry and stifle your creativity. Instead, read a great fiction novel and keep a journal that you write in every day.

3. A sport that you love and are good at

I mean, sure? Sports are cool. I love sports. But I'd broaden this to having a hobby you love and are good at. Bonus points if it includes physical activity. As men, we are super exclusive about sports and treat those who aren't as passionate as lesser than. I think it'd be cool to open our minds to other hobbies and stop treating sports as the end all be all of masculine bonding. Get your boys together and do some pottery. 

4. Tweezers

I have never used tweezers in my life, but I might be able to chalk this up to being a not-very-hairy half Asian man. I'm sitting here racking my brain over what tweezers would actually be used for. Eyebrows? To pull your SIM card out of your iPhone?

5. A good cologne that becomes a signature 

A signature for who? Your wife? Your cat? I haven't worn cologne since my prom night. Most colognes are a headache inducing. Use a nice essential oil instead with natural ingredients. I guess you can make it your signature? Even better, make your own, put your signature on it and profit $$. 

6. A well cut dark suit

Yeah, the cut of your suit is probably the most important thing. I don't hate this one, you always need a suit for weddings or formal events. But owning a suit doesn't make you any more or less manly. Instead of owning it and it collecting dust in your closet 364 days a year, I'd use a company like Black Tux that lets you rent really nice custom suits and tuxes for around $100. Then you're not wearing the same suit in every event and you'll look even cooler in pictures.

7. A pair of classic black lace-up shoes

Yeah, I feel this. Oxford style shoes are important. The slip-on dress shoes gotsta go. 

8. A smart blazer 

I mean, sure? A casual blazer is a good look for when you want to be formal but not too formal. Like at a dinner with your girlfriend's dad or if you have to meet six white men at a country club. You'll all be wearing the same blazer + jeans combo and patting each other on the shoulder and squeezing down a bit while chuckling "Nice to see ya pal!". So yeah, make sure you buy a blazer.

9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans

I bought this pair of Levi's from Value Village like six months ago that are way too tight and I've only worn once. They're not the perfect pair, but my life has been okay without. I prefer light denim. If you need darker pants, just wear navy chino's (and pin roll the bottom).

10 Lots of crisp white cotton shirts 

Boo hoo is an awesome place to get these. 

11. Always new socks and underwear


12. A classic tuxedo

Don't buy a tux. Refer to #6. 

13. A beautiful day watch with a metal band 

I haven't worn a regular watch since high school. The last time I checked I was still a man.

14. The perfect sunglasses

It's hard for me to find sunglasses. I have a wide head and no bridge on my nose, and sunglasses are designed for caucasian men with thin heads and strong bridges. It takes me a full day to try on every pair of sunglasses at the mall five times until I give up and buy the $10 plastic shades from the guy on the street with the funny hat. The few times I have spent the cash on perfect sunglasses, they've gone missing immediately. 

15. Perfect teeth - if you don't have them, save up and have them fixed 

When I was 19 I made a good friend who was almost ten years older than me. He is still one of my best friends. He has really good teeth. One day, we were talking about teeth and why his were so perfect (as men do) and he told me that his teeth were weird his whole life. They were a bit slanted and discoloured. I didn't really understand but I trusted that they were weird. Anyways, he said one day in his early 20's he was at the bar drinking by himself and got into an argument with a bunch of Lebanese dudes. They ended up taking him outside and curb stomping his face, successfully knocking out a bunch of his weird discolored teeth. He wasn't a rich man at the time, and his only possession of value was his car (I want to say it was an Acura Integra, we'll go with that). It cost him $5,000 to fix his teeth, which was the price he was able to sell his Integra for. So think about that next time you see someone on the bus who has astonishingly beautiful teeth. Nothing comes without sacrifice.

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