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The #EttaEatsTheRainbow Campaign will share the journey of introducing a variety of fresh and homemade foods through rainbow-led weaning. The campaign aims to encourage parents to bond with their children in the kitchen while creating healthy relationships with foods. As a certified rainbow baby, we will document her journey into the food world sharing recipes, honest parenting tales and advice for encouraging families to eat the rainbow when making eating decisions.

Baby-led weaning gives little ones the freedom to choose what they eat and decide when they’re full. It's also fun.

Food is very important in our household.

The first time we took Etta out of the house, when she was six days old, was to our local organic grocer. No matter how tired I am I (usually) still spend hours in the kitchen putting dinner together. When we’re sick we look to how fresh ingredients can help us feel better faster. We’re a family obsessed with good food.

We made the decision before she was born to encourage Etta-led weaning and as her little personality starts to show we know we made the right decision. Baby-led weaning gives little ones the freedom to choose what they eat and decide when they’re full which has been studied to support a healthy weight and set them up for a healthy BMI in the future.

It’s also very fun to watch.

The Menu

-Weekly Baby and Me Plant-Based Recipe posted on -Unapparenthood.com and cross posted on social platforms

-Weekly ‘sharing the journey’ podcast

-Product reviews and giveaways

-Key partner logo placement on blog posts

-Instagram takeover/blog content for partners

The Impressions

.com - 15k monthly page views

pinterest - 90k monthly views

podcast- 500 weekly downloads

instagram - @MinaTheMama 13k followers | @BryceSeto 11k followers

The Demographic

78% North American women between the ages of 24-34

I'm Aminah, the mama.

I'm the founder of Unapparenthood. I studied a few things here and there, dabbled in kitchens and tech, even starting a vegan taco pop-up.

I had a grand idea of creating content for the modern parent while I was pregnant last year after I lost that angel baby at 12 weeks. I was lost and broken after that missed miscarriage. After my initial heartache (heartache I still have till this day), I felt like I really needed to create this space for the realities of pregnancy for the modern parent. I wanted to empower parents to be as informed as possible from pregnancy to parenthood.

So here I am, with 3 babies. Etta, my angel baby, and Unapparenthood.


Unapparenthood is your cool, relatable, and hilarious parent-friend that gives you actual advice you need.

We want to talk about the things that matter the most during pregnancy and parenthood with creative and engaging content that reflects our values rooted in inclusivity and equality.

Our mission is to inspire parents to nurture their babies into becoming better adults - adults who will act with empathy, respect, and love.

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