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Oh, hi! I'm Aminah. 

I'm the founder of Unapparenthood. I studied a few things here and there, dabbled in kitchens and tech, realizing fairly quickly that I was burnt out from creating for other people.

I had a grand idea of creating content for the modern parent while I was pregnant last year, but lost that angel baby at 12 weeks. I was lost and broken after that missed miscarriage. I felt like I had no control over my body or the decisions that were being made for me. After my initial heartache (heartache I still have till this day), I felt like I needed to create this space for the real truth about pregnancy, again for the modern parent. I wanted to empower parents (and parents-to-be) to be as informed as possible from pregnancy to parenthood. 

So here I am, still with this grand idea, pregnant with my rainbow baby, while really going after building this modern parenting brand. 

- Aminah


We envision a community where parents are empowered when making decisions for their pregnancy and throughout parenthood. 


The Brand


Unapparenthood is your cool, relatable, and hilarious parent-friend that gives you actual advice you need.

Advice like "do we actually need to get wipe warmers?" or "can I peppermint oil for this killer pregnancy migraines even though I'm pregnant?". You know how our parents are always giving seriously outdated and unneeded advice? Yeah, we're not like that. We're the cool parent-friend.

We're not going to sugarcoat the hard stuff or sweat the small stuff. We're millennial, entrepreneurial, and listen to "Signed XOXO" on spotify while we read step-by-step instructions on how to swaddle a baby. We're that friend.


Nearly 75% of women identifying millennials look to friends to recommend products over "experts".


The Vision


We want to talk about the things that matter the most during pregnancy and parenthood, with creative and engaging content that reflects our values rooted in inclusivity and equality.  

We're building Unapparenthood to be the leading digital media brand for modern parents. Our mission is to inspire parents to nurture their babies into becoming better adults - adults who will act with empathy, respect, and love.

Focusing on original content, Unapparenthood will offer an inclusive perpsective on parenting advice. When things aren't always so clear to us parents, you turn to Unapparenthood.


"And gone are the days when "dopey dad" roamed the aisles of the supermarket, aimlessly following "mom's list." Millennial dads – dubbed supermarket natives – make their own choices." Ad Age


Our Target


Una's profile

Who is Una? Though we hate to put people in tiny organized boxes, there are some common elements to the divserse backgrounds of the readers/listeners we are looking for. Una is our ideal parent. Una is not a mama or papa, as our content will target all parents without a specific bias.

  • 22-37 years old
  • a parent (or expecting) 
  • works in tech, creative field, or owns a business 
  • has liberal political views 
  • idenitfies as minority (person of colour, non-binary)
  • not necessairily living in a "traditional" 2 parent familial household 

Our ideal parents' behaviors? (according to PEW and KRC research)

  • 52% say being a good parent is one of the most important goals in life (ahead of having a successful marriage)
  • 6/10 women indentifying millennials say that being a parent is extremely imporant to their overal identity
  • 58% say they are having fun with parenting (moreso than older generations) 
  • Top concerns? Children's diet and the environment 
  • They exceed all other generations in households with single mothers 
  • Women indentifying millennials spend 17 hours of social media 

The Plan

Unapparenthood Publication - advice from pregnancy to parenthood for modern parents

  • stories, interviews, reviews, and guest posts 

  • new blogs bi-weekly 

  • easily digestible articles putting marginalized narratives at the forefront of the storytelling 

Unapparenthood Podcast - 2 expectant parents, 0 clue

  • conversational podcast between parners in life, work, and pregnancy
  • delve into world of pregnancy after miscarriage while being millennial entrpreneurs
  • a mix of pregnancy storytelling with deeper conversations on how they'll survive the next phase of their life - parenthood