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Start your self-care routine, like now.

Instant Download - Mama Self Care Kit
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Instant Download - Mama Self Care Kit
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Do you prioritize your self-care?

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The first self-care stationery set designed by a mom, for all moms.

Ready to prioritize your self care, mama?


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Instant Download - Mama Self Care Kit
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10.00 19.99

The Instant Complete Mama Self-Care Set contains:

Full Instructions on Best Use
Daily Self-Care Planning Sheet
SOS Companion
Treat Yo’Self Tracker

This product is a printable file - you won’t receive a physical notepad, rather a downloadable file that you can print on demand at your own convenience. File can be printed in black and white or full colour depending on your preference

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What's your Routine?

The Mama Self-Care Set was designed to guide you through learning what it is you need and how to ask for it, through getting into routines of your very basic self-care necessities. 

Made for moms of angel babies, rainbow babies, big babies, and all the babies in between. All moms weren't created equal, but we sure as hell could use some validation and self-care.


Every Day Essentials

We use these 6 symbols to build the foundation of your self-care routine throughout our stationery sets. Though your favourite ways to self-soothe are important to building your individualized plan, it's sometimes difficult to identify what you need vs what you want when you're really in the thick of things. On days when soaking in the tub, or doing a sheet mask are just not in the cards, we believe that these 6 Every Day Essentials are the most effective away to self-care. Scroll through to see the importance of each of the essentials.



How It Works


Start your day off on the right foot by setting your intentions for your daily self-care routine.


After you prioritize your needs for the day, use the "SOS" notes to ask for help in accomplishing your self-care goals


Get into the habit of your routine by rewarding yourself after consistently following your self-care routine


Mama, You've Got This.

No matter what mama-hood stage you're in, we believe self-care should be a part of your daily routine. You know how when you're on an airplane and they always say "put your oxygen mask on first, then help those around you"? We think it's pretty applicable to all things in life. If you're not at your best, it's hard to be the mama you want to be.


Hey Mama, I'm Mina.

I created the Mama Self-Care Stationery especially for you.


I had a missed miscarriage last year when I was 12 weeks pregnant and my entire world was turned upside down. I had no self-care routine. I binge watched The Office and ate bad take-out pizza from my bed for 2 weeks straight. After I physically healed, my partner (the co-founder of Unapparenthood) and I decided to book a last minute trip to Costa Rica. It was the first time we did something to soothe our souls and that's when my self-care journey began.

Then I got pregnant super quickly and was trying to juggle my emotions from the first loss along with current pregnancy hormones (yikes). I created the Mama Self Care Set to help kickstart that self-care journey to make it as easy as possible for you to recognize what you need and how to ask for it. Whether you have angel babies, are pregnant, or have 3 toddlers running around, the Mama Self-Care Set was made for you, by me. Made by a mom for all moms.


Moms Come In All Shapes and Sizes.


Whether you have 5 kids, are a single mom, have an angel baby, or are waiting for your rainbow, you're a mom to us. We designed our stationery to fit whatever definition of mama you fall under. You belong here, too.