The First Self-Care Set Made for ALL Moms.


We just can't function well if we truly aren't well, and as mothers, we sometimes forget about the importance of taking care of ourselves, too.

The Mama Self-Care Set was designed to be a little reminder that you're your best when you're caring for yo'self first, mama. They are meant to guide you through learning what it is you need and how to ask for it, through getting into routines of your very basic self-care necessities. 

Made for moms of angel babies, rainbow babies, big babies, purple babies, and all the babies in between. All moms weren't create equal, but we sure as hell could use some validation and self-care.


Hi, I'm Aminah.
I'm so glad you're here.

I'm pregnant with my rainbow baby, mama to an angel, and founder of Unapparenthood. I had a missed miscarriage last year when I was 12 weeks pregnant and my entire world was turned upside down. I had no self-care routine. I binge watched The Office and ate bad take-out pizza from my bed for 2 weeks straight. Then my partner and I decided to book a last minute trip to Costa Rica to cry into the ocean as opposed to our pillows in Toronto. It was the first time we did something to soothe our souls and that's when my self-care journey began. Then I got pregnant super quickly and was trying to juggle my emotions from the first loss along with current pregnancy hormones (yikes). I created the Mama Self Care Set to help kickstart that self-care journey to make it as easy as possible for you to recognize what you need and how to ask for it. Whether you have all angel babies, are pregnant, or have 3 toddlers running around, the Mama Self-Care Set was made for you, by a mom for all moms.


The Mama Self-Care Set was designed for you to juggle the basic necessities to incorporate in your daily routine like getting fresh air and having a sleep routine. The basis of a strong self-care routine starts off with the very basics - it doesn't matter how much you treat yo'self if you're not getting those z's. 


count those z's. 

Sleep and mood go hand in hand (seriously, Harvard has done some extensive research on this) - low quality and quantity sleep can cause irritability and stress, especially night after night of sleeplessness. Getting in those 6-8 hours of sleep is SO important to helping us feel our best. The good news is that the stress and anxiety caused by sleep deprivation can be easily fixed - find a sleep routine that works for you and you'll find your moods almost immediately improved.


Take your vitamins

It is so hard to hit all the daily nutrition requirements when you can barely keep your shit together. Getting the minimum of what you need in an easy and accessible way will help you out tons. Anxiety and depression can by symptoms of iron, vitamin D, magnesium, and a whole bucket-load of other deficiencies. You can start with a full blood panel to check your levels and see where you can supplement. It's also recommended to start taking prenatals way before you even conceive.


go for a walk. or run. or take the stairs.

You can literally exercise anywhere at anytime and you don't need to make it complicated at all. I did prenatal yoga in my living room on a towel from a youtube video. Being physically active doesn't mean you need to get an expensive gym membership, you just need to move your bod. Park further from the entrance, skip the elevator, or do a few squats while babywearing. Exercise doesn't just help your heart health, it increases our energy and mood while squashing stress. 


doughnuts will make you happy for about 30 seconds.

The more plants and colourful foods (not gummy bears) we put on our plates, the more good we're doing for our physical health. Your immune system will thank you when you're dodging cold and flu season like it's your full-time job. When you start your day off with a green smoothie, how can you not feel like your best self? Aim for 1 healthy thing a day. Then the next day grab 2 things. by the 7th day, you'll be so much health you won't even want that doughnut (okay maybe just this once). 


Drown your feelings in h20

Brain power is all about balance - water and other elements are necessary for simple brain functions. When we're dehydrated, our brain cells lose efficiency so we have more trouble staying focused, recall of long-term memory, and short term memory function. When you're dehydrated, you might make some not so smart decisions - like not thinking to check your calendar to confirm when you're super important meeting is. And don't count anything that has caffeine towards your daily water intake - because it's a diuretic, it doesn't help us out when we need that hydration.


Fresh air. like outside air.

Staying indoors with little to no exposure to nature, open space, or fresh air can be seriously detrimental to your health. Studies by Standford University have shown when individuals are exposed to nature they have lower levels of rumination centred in worthlessness or inadequacy. Have you ever been so caught up in negative thoughts that you repeat them in your head over and over, with no solution to the problem at hand? Getting fresh air can help get you out of your funk and allow you to open your mind up to positive thoughts. Having plants indoors can also help with your exposure to nature