Instant Download - Mama Self Care Kit

Instant Download - Mama Self Care Kit

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The Instant Complete Mama Self-Care Set contains:

Full Instructions on Best Use
Daily Self-Care Planning Sheet
SOS Companion
Treat Yo’Self Tracker

This product is a printable file - you won’t receive a physical notepad, rather a downloadable file that you can print on demand at your own convenience. File can be printed in black and white or full colour depending on your preference

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Daily Self-Care Planning Sheet

  • Use the planning sheet to set your self-care intentions and track your progress throughout the day

  • The 5 Every-Day Essentials are the basics of self-care. Eating something healthy, breathing in fresh air, taking your supplements, getting some exercise, and some sleep are what our stationery-sets prioritize.

  • Use the planning sheet as a tool to communicate your own needs with yourself and your intentions to complete your self-care rituals

  • Hang it up on your fridge, keep it in your agenda, throw it in your diaper bag - whatever you need to remind yourself of the day (sometimes we need to be reminded) what you need, and whether you’ve been on that much-needed walk or not

SOS Companion

  • Communicating your needs (once you finally nail down what they are) isn’t always easy, especially when you’re sleep deprived. Use the SOS companion to clearly outline what it is you need and who can help you with it.

  • Leave it on your partner’s bedside table, your coworkers desk, or up on the fridge for everyone to see. Self-care is easier when you have your whole team on your side.

Treat Yo’self Tracker

  • Track your daily progress on your Every-Day Essentials accomplishments. Promise yourself a treat (an hour to read, a luxe bath, or a massage) that you get when you’ve checked off all the essentials for 7 days in a row.