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Son of a Pitch

Does selling make you cringe? Do you find yourself trying to not come across as ‘salesy’? Pitching your brand, product, or services doesn’t have to be as hard as getting your 3 year old to sleep in their own bed.

We’ll show you how.


Sound Familiar ?

Some people are naturally born salespeople and the rest of us…well we had to learn, and learn fast. Cold calling, emailing, presenting, or striking up a conversation at a networking event can be super intimidating - this workshop will help you out of your shell and into the parent-preneur you were meant to be. Your biz deserves it.


The Workshop

  • Bi-Weekly drop-in workshop

  • Bring your latest pitch email, list-building questions, calculate your conversions, or practice your elevator pitch.

  • Learn to leverage your network to warm the initial outreach

  • Benefit from getting over the pitch nerves by working in a group setting

  • Approach didn’t work this week? Drop in next week and we’ll re-work your pitch

  • Learn how to present more value than you’re asking for


The Facilitators

Bryce and Mina are crazy about sales (weird thing to be crazy about, we know). With over a decade of sales experience and a background in food, tech, and entrepreneurship, they’ve got you covered. They’re also soon-to-be-parents.



What’s in it to The Workaround?

  • The Workaround branded workshop - value add for the community

  • Free to members

  • Revenue stream, charge for non-members to attend

  • Lead-gen for non-members, bringing new people to the space

  • Helps members to grow their businesses - make them stickier in the space

  • Bringing parent-preneurs together - allows collaboration between members

  • Allows members to master the skill of sales