Our Target


Una's profile

Who is Una? Though we hate to put people in tiny organized boxes, there are some common elements to the divserse backgrounds of the readers/listeners we are looking for. Una is our ideal parent. Una is not a mama or papa, as our content will target all parents without a specific bias.

  • 22-37 years old
  • a parent (or expecting) 
  • works in tech, creative field, or owns a business 
  • has liberal political views 
  • idenitfies as minority (person of colour, non-binary)
  • not necessairily living in a "traditional" 2 parent familial household 

Our ideal parents' behaviors? (according to PEW and KRC research)

  • 52% say being a good parent is one of the most important goals in life (ahead of having a successful marriage)
  • 6/10 women indentifying millennials say that being a parent is extremely imporant to their overal identity
  • 58% say they are having fun with parenting (moreso than older generations) 
  • Top concerns? Children's diet and the environment 
  • They exceed all other generations in households with single mothers 
  • Women indentifying millennials spend 17 hours of social media